Do They Know?

I set up a Christmas mix on my iPod shuffle (the sexiest player that will sync on a Mac) and as I was listening to “Do They Know It’s Christmas” song (I have the original and the New Coke versions on there as well as several covers) I got to thinking is this what everyone wants? I mean most of us just want to celebrate the holiday season and the giving that comes with the season (this is the short version of a long discussion) but why aren’t more people fighting over what the people in Africa should know?

Does everyone want them to know it’s Christmas or should we have more than one single. One wanting to know if the Africans know its Christmas. Another wanting to know if the Africans know its Hanukkah. And another wanting to know its Kwanzaa. Maybe even one from the Atheists wanting to know that they don’t have to know its Christmas.

I’m only suggesting that we should make sure we’re asking the right question or if everyone realizes that they might wish to rephrase the question they’re asking. That’s all.


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