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The New Michael And Janet Question?

July 9, 2009

When I saw the cover to the new Rob Thomas album I wondered if it was really Michael Cera. Are they the same person?


Depeche Mode

July 9, 2009

A couple of months ago I was browsing iTunes (as I do frequently) and I came across a documentary about Depeche Mode and the making of the album “Songs Of Faith And Devotion” (SOFAD). (Technically it is titled “A Short Film (We Were Going to Live Together, Record Together and It Was Going to Be Wonderful) [1991-94]”). That really took me back, much like watching the VH1 “ Behind The Music” they did about DM. I think they showed it once and like most of those they were never shown again.

Anyway, the really took me back so I loaded my iPod up with all of the DM albums so could listen to them again (and I’m accused of never going back and listening to music a second time). I’ve focused mainly on SOFAD but have listened from that album on and I really feel, now that I have time and a modicum of maturity on my side, that DM is just as good after Alan Wilder left as they were while he was still with the band.

I think most people didn’t really know about the “other two” in the band beyond Dave Gahan (commonly known as the dude that almost over-dosed on heroin) and Martin Gore (commonly referred to as the guy who looks gay (but isn’t)). Much like U2 there are (or were in the case of DM) four members in the band and two are more widely recognized than the others. (It would help if the other two members of DM had written the main song for a summer blockbuster.)

What I’m trying to get at is that most people knew the music but not the members of DM so when word got out that Alan Wilder (one of the DM “Other Two”) had left the assumption was “Well they’re going to suck now, if they don’t break up.” Then, when the band does put out another album, most people turned into haters. It reminded my a lot of the the summer after break dancing peaked or the summer after the first Tim Burton Batman. People who used to be “fans” turned their nose up at them. (Most notable to me being Todd Durant who claims that fans would buy an album of DM “burping and farting”. I just think he’s bitter now that his business is dying because technology has passed him by.)

Common complaints are:

  1. Alan was the sound of DM and now they’re not special: Go back and listen to Ultra (the first album without Alan). There are songs on there that sound very much like they would fit on Violator or SOFAD: “Home”, “It’s No Good” and “Useless” being the ones that I’m thinking of. There’s even a hidden track that pays homage to “Pimpf”, “St. Jarna” and other instrumental oddities called “Jr. Painkiller” (which I like more than those tracks, especially the remix).

  2. They’re not true synth stars now since they use guitars and drums and the like: Go back and study SOFAD closely, they branched out to using more traditional instruments while Alan was there.

I think that DM is just as good without Alan as they were with him. Why not go pester the Erasure fans because there is plenty to complain about on “ Loveboat” and “Other People’s Songs” if you want to complain about a band hitting the skids. They came back and even DM can make an album that isn’t so great. Just check out “Exciter” for a good example.

Utah Drivers

July 8, 2009

I just read this article claiming that Utah drivers are “average” and not “bad”. What metrics do they use? I highly doubt this claim. On top of that I’m also going to go public with my current belief that I don’t think that Californians are good drivers anymore. I still would like to go back to New York and see if they would still retain my current #1 ranking.

Sarah Palin IS A Quitter

July 8, 2009

Sarah Palin IS a quitter. I don’t know what else there is to say about it. I know that there is likely more than meets the eye but right now all that has been shown is that she just doesn’t want to be the governor from Alaska anymore. What other option is there? People have been (apparently) bugging to know if she is going to run for a second term. Why does anyone care this far in advance? I know that most reporters aren’t that good so they run around asking mostly the same stupid questions over and over again hoping that one time someone will be caught off guard and same something newsworthy.

Anyway, Palin fesses up (quite early I would say) that she’s not going to run for re-election and, while she’s at it, she’s going to resign. Now she is claiming that she’s not quitting and all her political options are still on the table? Now, I know that politicians don’t always say what they mean but I only have her word so here’s the breakdown:

  1. She’s not running for re-election. I know people make up their minds about this at different times but isn’t the next election for her state 2 years off?

  2. Because she’s not going to run again she’s resigning because she doesn’t want to be a “lame duck” governor. Isn’t she the one “outing” herself and labeling herself as a “lame duck”? Someone has to be the governor and anyone in that position now is somewhat a “lame duck” anyway.

  3. She says that “all options are on the table”. What options would these be? By all accounts of people who aren’t die-hard right wingers she was just the McCain sideshow that few took seriously and that was before she quit. Now that she has how could the mainstream and “undecided” voters elect her now? Just like Mitt Romney she is considered a leading contender for the office of president only because this far out who else is really campaigning? No one. Once things heat up neither of them will be in the running.

Just call it like it is: Palin didn’t want to be governor anymore and she chalks it up to what I already said and threw in the “liberal media” too, just for good measure.